Why Should You Experience Hostel Life

Why Should You Experience Hostel LifeHostel is a home away from home. Hostel life is a great experience we believe people should have. Some people who never experience this may thought that hostel life is full of hardships. Though in initial days everyone feel homesick. But once days keep going, you will start enjoying this Hostel life. Those who spend the hostel life must say that those were the golden days of life. Hostel life constitutes a lot of memories and they cherish the moments spent over there throughout their lives. There are lots of facts that make hostel life a great fun to live in. We will discuss few of them here.


This is the best part of the hostel life. You could hang out with your friends till any time. There is no one to question you about this. It is said that nothing is boring if your best friends are with you. Studies become way easier and fun at hostel and none of the hostelers would deny this fact. Late night studies is also a great fun. If you are having doubts in your topics, you could ask your friends and seek their help in no time. When you are studying late night with your friends, you will enjoy the company of others. Their nonsense actions, their repetitive words, seeing one of your friends napping while having book in hand, taking their pics and posting it to internet are such examples that you will always miss through out your life.


Hostel life is full of celebrations. No matter if it is someone’s birthday or for someone even failing in a test, you will find every kind of celebration in a hostel They just party and party hard. These little hostel celebrations and gatherings lighten up their mood and fill the students with new zeal and enthusiasm. Every small occasion and event is celebrated with utmost excitement and pleasure, the sole purpose being giving a sense of togetherness.The birthday party celebrations, cultural festival celebrations and non occasional funny celebrations bring a lots of joy. 


In a new place, new environment, among new people, in a new life, in a hostel, we are free to go about exploring many arenas that we have earlier not dared to explore. They consist of both good and bad things, but all together they signify opening of new doors for a hostler. Here, we get to meet new people and consequently get involved in newer things. There are hundreds of new and versatile activities that we get into in our hostels. These may be small, like playing some sport, or going on road trips, or exploring earlier unattainable things like drinking and smoking, or it may be big, like internships, jobs, event management, competitions, but all of them count equally. With a independent and free life that hostels provide us with, we get to take up many opportunities that we cannot take being at home, where our lives are confined to certain limits.


From the childhood, you have been taken care by your parents. For every little things, you used to reach out to your parents. But once you come to a new city/place and enter the hostel life, you realize that moving forward, you will have to do all things at your own. There is no support or backup you can really rely on.This may appear a bit troublesome in the beginning, but once you are habitual of this, you start liking being so and experience a whole new store of confidence in yourself. Learning to be independent is the biggest lesson one learns while staying at a hostel.


We all live in our sheltered lives, with our family, but the moment we move out and have to live among new people, however introvert or pampered we have been, we have to go out and make friends. Living in a hostel is impossible, when we don’t interact and get along with others. We learn on our own to stop being the pampered prince/princess that we are at our place and do our things on our own, share our stuff with others, live a life where we are our own protectors and care takers. Going out teaches us to learn to talk to others and make new friends, because, none of us can survive all alone, and when we step out of our homes, we have to take the initiative to find companions and bond along to survive. Also in this way we get to meet and interact with people from different places with different backgrounds. This is essentially a part of our grooming as it makes us a better formed person, thus being an advantage of hostel life.

Money Management

The other important thing that you learn in hostel is money management. Being at home, you used to get the pocket money and we tend to happily spend it wherever we wished. But once you come out of your home, you have monthly expenses that you need to spend sensibly. When you are given a particular amount of money for a month you definitely learn its value. You remain cautious while lavishly spending your money keeping in mind that you may need in future for some important work. Hostel life teaches you to use your money wisely.


Hostel life is very much different from how we live at home. It gives our life and personality a brand new mould. We learn to fit in a new place and are exposed to many situations that are unfamiliar hitherto. There is never an experience that is all good or all bad. Whatever happens brings a mixture of something good and something bad. Hostel life too is a mixed bag. We come across many things, and some are pleasant while some are terrible. This is the exposure that we get. Never before in our lives are we exposed to such a myriad number of circumstances and freshness. It gives us considerable amount of chances to learn and experience new things.

Make New Friends

At hostel, you come across with people from the various cultures and various parts of country. You come to know their lifestyles, their cultures and sharing views about your cultures.Friends gained at hostel are the ones that remain for our lifetime. They know about your crazy habits, your stupid moods, your fantasies, but they still choose to be with you. This makes us and our friends comprehend each other’s feelings flawlessly as we see how they react to each circumstance and they do the same. Consequently, we find friends equivalent to family and so, hostel can be given the credit of the same


With every day that we life, we grow. Hostel life adds a big chunk of growth in our lives. It is not a single form of growth but beneficial in many ways. We grow emotionally, mentally, psychologically and physically. While we learn to deal with new situations, difficult times, solve our own problems, protect ourselves, manage our lives, live independently, we growth mentally. With lessons like handling out own emotional space we learn to be emotionally independent, also making new friends and meeting new people makes us emotionally stronger and independent. Plus, we get psychological growth when we deal with different kinds of people, learn to adjust, face difficulties, see life, get exposed to the world and learn new things with deep impacts. And living along, caring for ourselves, makes us physically independent and stronger. Therefore, assuring our overall growth.

So have you enjoyed your hostel life or not?Do share your experiences with us through your comments.
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