How to Fight with Loneliness

How to Fight with LonelinessA feeling of loneliness comes with both emotional and physical baggage. Loneliness can lead to (or worsen) depression and other psychological struggles, and it’s also a recognized risk factor for high blood pressure and heart problems.Did you know that loneliness is considered a major health issue? It’s true.There are now calls to treat it as seriously as smoking and obesity because there is evidence to suggest a link between loneliness and an early death.Due to the fact that we are, by nature, social animals, prolonged feelings of loneliness can be devastating to our health.As such we have come up with several ways to reduce feelings of isolation, all of which have positive and negative aspects. Here are 10 major ways in which we may try to stave off loneliness.

Discover a New Hobby

Discover another distraction that will pull in new individuals throughout your life, for example, moving, cooking class, yoga or rec center. Whatever your specific investment is, there must be some movement in this world you generally needed to attempt, yet never had time. That being said, this is the ideal opportunity, now is superior to never, so hop into that tracksuit and head to the closest exercise center. 

Perused a New Book 

Perused new sorts of books and find distinctive planets. You will gain such a great amount from the books that will rouse you to think more, act more and take your life into your own particular hands. Never be concerned about the fact that time invested perusing will be time squandered. 


Pen is your closest companion when you're forlorn. Simply take a bit of paper and convey what needs be fit as a fiddle of lyric, drawing or agenda. Whatever gets you going. When you have everything recorded, it will be much simpler to understand that being forlorn is inward condition of being and doesn't generally rely on upon what number of individuals we're encompassed by, however all the more what number of intriguing discussions we have with ourselves. 

Go and Explore New Places 

Formlessness vanishes when we travel. In the event that you have chance to find another city, town or new societies, custom and convention you won't have sufficient energy to try and ponder feeling desolate, in addition to be forlorn. 

Make a Challenge for Yourself 

Something you generally needed to do, yet had reasons for alarm or questions about it. Today is the first day of whatever is left of your life and why not confront a dread and overcome it? You will feel so much better and formlessness will vanish without anyone else present. 


Mindfulness teaches us that we are more than who we think we are, Developing a meditation practice can help you identify and release some of the thoughts that could be keeping you feeling lonely and undermining your efforts to meet new people.

Bond with a Dog

Pets, especially dogs, are protective against loneliness. There are many reasons why this strategy works: Dogs get you out and about, they’re naturally social creatures, and you’ll have a living being to care about. If you’re not in a position to own a dog, find ways to help care for other people’s dogs or volunteer to help dogs at a shelter that need loving attention. Other pets, such as cats and fish, can also help ease loneliness.

Have Realistic Standards

Loneliness is a mismatch between your ideal and what you actually have,Part of the solution may be to accept that you can have fun and light conversation with a variety of people, and that it’s okay if they don’t become lifelong confidantes. Also, reflect on whether you have any unrealistic standards that are making it hard to connect with others and stop feeling lonely, such as expecting too much from a new friendship too quickly or relying on another person too much.

Think Beyond Yourself

Depression can make you feel very self-focused, meaning that everything is all about you. But remind yourself that if you ask a co-worker to join you for lunch and the person can’t make it, you shouldn’t automatically assume that he or she has rejected you. The person might have a previous lunch date or too much work to leave his or her desk.

Reach Out to a Lonely Person

Whether you’re feeling lonely now or just know how it feels, you may get an emotional boost from befriending someone else who’s lonely. Some people may view loneliness as contagious, and therefore lonely people often become even more isolated. We believe there is a responsibility in the community to reach out to people who are suffering,. In doing so, you can help others and yourself, too. Examples include volunteering for an organization that helps elderly people or visiting a neighbor who’s lost a spouse.

So these are some of the proven ways to fight with loneliness.Do we missed something?Let us know through your comments.
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  1. These are very good tips. Whenever I feel lonely, I keep myself distracted by reading a book or watching a movie. It would be nice try new things as well. There will be times that you'll find me writing too!

  2. A new hobby can really help a lot. I also makes it a point to follow feel-good series to keep me occupied.

  3. I have to try meditation! I always hear great things about it being very beneficial to the mind and soul. Making a challenge for myself sounds like a good idea as well.. Will have to try these whenever I feel lonely or unmotivated now!

  4. Loneliness is the result of negativity within a person's mind. A self-pity for some which greatly affects the body system to collide with the brain. Your post could help for lonely people to take changes in life's outlook.

  5. I can resonate with this post. It feels lonely as a stay at home mom as it seems we are cut off from the outside world. That is why writing - aka blogging helps to connect with others :) Great tips!

  6. Have realistic standards is the key virtue. We need to be content with what we have and count our blessings. Looking constantly for things you do not have will make you not only lonely, but miserable.

  7. Loneliness can be experienced even when you are in crowds. We need to keep ourselves engaged in some or other activities to combat it.

  8. I think that in your list, the most important of all is to think beyond yourself. Many people are lonely (and depressed at that) because they're so focused on themselves. When they do so, it reduces your world and takes your eyes off the blessings and the goodness around you.

  9. I think reaching out to others in general can make way to happiness. It's when you feel that you're not alone in the world and other people can relate with your thoughts and emotions when you appreciate life and things around.

  10. I love to explore new places which could easily align me with meeting new friends and writing is another part I cherish most in combating loneliness..

  11. Going out to try new hobbies is one great way to make new friends at the same time. I agree with this point. It's important to take an active approach instead of just letting the loneliness set in!

  12. For some people loneliness is quite dangerous too and they get depressed but engaging yourself in hobbies or meeting people is the best.