Top 5 Things You Missed After College Life

Top 5 Things You Missed After College LifeCollege life is the most memorable and best part of life. No matter where we are, we always miss our College campus, lovable canteen, numerous bunks, so many hands on one lunch box, lifetime friends and always wish if we could bring those days back. Even we all will be ready if we could get chance to attend those boring lectures from boring teachers/professors that we used to hate once. There are enormous things that we miss after we complete our graduation and end up with college life.

Following are the few things that you would also have experienced and will definitely relate to yourself and your college life.

Fun with Close Friends

We always miss the moments that we shared up with our friends. All nonsense talks, cracking baseless jokes,naughty talks, teasing your friends. You know each and every secret of your close friends. Laughing on small things that you find funny and sharing with your close friend in eye signs so other people don't understand what you are thinking.Forcing friends to go to crush and giving weird ideas to propose.Those were the sweetest memories that we miss throughout our life and could never ever forget them.

Tolerating the Boring Lecture

The most difficult task in the college was to attend the boring lecture  Then we come up with creative ideas for time pass, playing games on mobiles, slapping friend sitting just in front of us, passing arguments while teacher is delivering lecture, secretly watching your crush, throwing paper chits on your friends. 

Class Bunking

The best part in the college was that we can bunk the class whenever we wish. We all had that group in class who were always eager and ready to bunk the classes. When teacher was not in for next lecture for few minutes, they would convince all the class to go for a mass bunk.They used to come up with different reasons to tell why we should have bunk. We now wish to bunk from the office for one day but that cannot be possible now.

Bizarre Birthday Celebration

In childhood, we had our birthday celebrations by cutting cake with lots of candles. But once you came to college this celebrations turns up with birthday bumps, hitting with belts and shoes.Then they demands party in good restaurants and hotels. You could not avoid that as you also do same thing on your friend’s birthday. Once you came out of college and become professional, you miss these things the most

Last Minute Preparation 

Exams sucked like hell. But we never used to studied for that. We always believed in last minute preparation. We used to check the syllabus and then checking time left for exams. Then finally decide to study later.The biggest fear for Intelligent students were that exams must not come out of syllabus but we only had one fear that our roll number must not come on first row near the teacher.

College Life Cheating

Cheating in the college exams are always funny and most enjoyable moments for everyone we believe.As it always included lots of fun,though there are few intelligent people doesn't believe in cheating.But if you do and you did this a lot in your college life then we bet you'll never forget the experience of cheating.

There are lots of things that we did not included which made college life perfect and memorable one. Share with your friends with whom you have cherish these moments. Do not forgot to share your experiences and feedback.

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