Some Useful Time Management Tips for Bloggers

Some Useful Time Management Tips for Bloggers
Blogging has become an industry in itself. Millions of e-entrepreneurs from all across the globe have taken up to blogging. Hundreds of blogs start each day. However, there is another side to it. There are numerous blogs which die a premature death. Thousands of bloggers quit blogging just because they find difficult to handle blogging. Well, there can be various factors responsible for it, but one of the prime factors leading to their failure is inadequate time management.

In other words, if you want an overwhelming blogging success, you need to properly manage your time. That’s the reason why Time Management is so important for bloggers. As a blogger, you need to accomplish various tasks such as reading, researching, writing, publishing, designing, promotion, SEO, commenting, etc. For this, you have to manage your time so that you can make use of every second to build a successful blogging career.

In the following post, we have come up with numerous powerful Time Management Tips for Bloggers that can help you to manage your time in a smart way. Your blogging success depends upon Time Management Skills. The Time Management Tips for Bloggers underlined below can surely help you in a big way.

Catch Ideas As They Pop Up Unexpectedly

Like how writers and people of influence like to keep journals to jot down their experiences, feelings and thoughts, bloggers can also follow this practice to get ideas for their blog material. Apart from providing you with original ideas for your writing, jotting down those ideas as they pop up will save you a significant amount of time in the brainstorming process.

Plan an Outline Prior to Writing

After you gather all the ideas in your head and on your notepad, you should start off with an outline of what your post will be about. Doing a simple outline first enables you to make changes or add ideas easily.

You can also link all sorts of random ideas together to make a coherent and convincing piece. With this basic structure of how your piece is going to flow, all your thought processes will have a clearer direction, which is essential to keep your writing in track.

Sticking to a Routine

Humans are creatures of habit. Once you’ve started yourself off with a set of routines, follow through it day-by-day, you’ll find that it’s not easy to break the streak. That’s good for you as a blogger because that means you have a system, and that system will help you meet deadlines.

The best thing about systems is that you can pick the best time of the day to write and then build your routine around it. It takes a bit of experimentation to get the right period for the right task.

Deal With One Thing at a Time

While working on your masterpiece, it’s often too easy to get distracted by other activities running in the background. You may have social messengers and video-streaming sites to check out, or personal emails to attend to. You may console yourself by thinking that you’re multi-tasking and getting everything done at the same time, but you’re just distracted.

Try to focus on just one thing at a time. It’s an effective time management mindset because it instills discipline in what you do. This also ensures that your mind doesn’t wander from one task to another and that you won’t lose your train of thought.

Stay Organized

Blogging is a profession that requires you to be organized, and I am quite sure that you too must have realized this in course of your blogging career. This springs from the fact that you have limited time in which you have to accomplish various tasks involved in blogging. So staying organized becomes one of the most prime goals for any blogger. Moreover, staying organized brings about proper time management for you as a blogger.

Well, you can stay organized by properly maintaining work both related to blogging and otherwise. You have to realize that blogging is not a 9 to 5 job. The working hours can be flexible. You are free to decide your working timings. However, this brings additional responsibility on you as a blogger. That is you have to stay organized. It is just not enough to decide that you would be working for a predetermined length of time. You actually have to implement it in reality.

When Possible Outsource

If there are elements of blogging that are eating away at your life, then quit wasting time!  Just as everyone isn’t a plumber or a brain surgeon, not everyone as skills in blog design, technical troubleshooting, or copy editing.  We live in a culture that glorifies the “self-made man” or the “renaissance woman” who seems to do it all.  But if you can afford to outsource the things that cause you stress or that simply lie outside your skill set, then do!  You’re not only supporting an individual (or a family) who can provide a valuable service – you’re saving time for yourself that can be applied to doing things you’re good at – or just to taking a much-needed break!

Use Blog Promotion Time Wisely

Promoting your blog posts can be a virtual black hole that sucks up all your time.  Automate the basic promotional things like posting your new posts to Facebook or scheduling your tweets for your new posts (check out Networked Blogs, HootSuite, or HubSpot).  But definitely don’t feel like you have to go crazy with social media!

If you have to choose between engaging people on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Whateverelse and writing for your blog, choose the blog.  The reach of your own social promotion is limited – in fact, the best, most effective type of social networking happens when other people promote your content for you!  So focus on creating quality content that others will want to share.  You’ll end up with something that’s far more lasting: great blog posts that can engage new readers over and over again.

Use a Blog Calendar

Using a calendar is a great way to help keep your days, weeks, and months organized. There are a lot of great blogging calendars out there  or you can use any planner/calendar you like. The daily calendar helps us prioritize the list, and feel accomplished when you get to cross something off the list.

Set a timer

Using a time can help you moderate your activities. There are so many different tasks bloggers need to complete in a day, it can be helpful to hold yourself accountable for your time by setting an alarm. Choose an amount of time you will dedicate to each activity and try to follow that set schedule. Remember to leave yourself adequate time to write quality content.

So,Hope you liked these Useful Time Management Tips for Bloggers. If you follow any other strategy for time management, please do share with us by commenting below.

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