Best 5 In-Text Advertising Programme to Monetize Your Blog

Many of Bloggers who start blogging for money really don’t know that how they can monetize their Blogs. New bloggers will only stick to those programs about which they have heard from their seniors. For Example, If a new blogger has heard about Affiliate Marketing then he will just stay with Affiliate Marketing to monetize his blog which will not be the right idea indeed.

We should never stick with just one way to monetize our Blog. Yes Affiliate Marketing can be very useful to earn some big money but for this you will need good traffic from Search Engines which will not be easy for any new blog.
If you are following some professional bloggers then you must have had noticed that they do not depend on just a monetizing program. They will use Google Adsense, Affiliate programs, In-Text Advertising, Direct Advertising and many other platforms to get some extra cash from their blogs.
So the idea is to not just stay with one monetizing program but more. Today, I have a cool list of In-Text Advertising Programs, especially for new bloggers that will help you to earn some quick bucks from your blog.


Let me start with one of the most famous and popular network among Blogger. Infolinks is one of the easy to start and implement network. You can control ads from Infolinks dashboard and it offers minimum payout at $50. Inflinks also offer related tags feature to further boost your earning. Over all, after using Infolinks for almost 2 years, I can recommend this network. Payout is via PayPal.


Viglink works on a different model and unlike other in text advertising network, Viglink convert your normal link into affiliate link. Saying that, instead of earning few cents/click, with vigilink you can earn much more with affiliate commision. Viglink is partnered with many existing affiliate network and it converts your normal link into affiliate links. Don’t worry about SEO, it won’t make any difference in SEO.

Vibrant Media 

It allows the user to view advertising only when they choose to move their mouse over a relevant word of interest.Vibrant In-Text Ads allow some of the worlds’ most premium & recognized publishers to expand advertising real-estate and revenue without adding more clutter.The Minimum Payout of this programme is  50$


Chitika is not an In-Text Advertising Program by soul but it is very similar to In-Text Advertising. You can have Chitika ads before your post, after your post or in your sidebar. You can choose different color themes for your ads according to your blog design. For Example you can adjust border color, URL color and you can also change normal font color.
Chitika will be an ideal choice for you guys to start earning money. Even blogspot users who do not have custom domains can use Chitika to earn more money.


Clicksor offers you additional income and that too by a simple underline of a selected keyword on the web blogs or websites. Advantages of using Clicksor it makes a very fast payment, great brands support, safe ads on permitted websites, greatest return, various Ad formats, target URL for right ads for related websites. It also has a referral program that makes you a payment of 10% for your referral earning.

Well by the end, your earning depends upon your blog demographic.There are many more In-Text advertisement program, but we have listed only popular advertisement program which offer good earning for your text ads.You can also check other network TOS and apply for them and see which one works.

Do let us know which In text advertising network are you using at the moment and which one you will recommend to others?
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  1. good list on how to monetize the blog..I just don't know though on how these affects the relationship of our blogs with google

  2. I started blogging just to share whatever I know or have experienced. However, if there are ways to earn from it, why wouldn't I take the chance right? I'm glad to come across this post and will check out these programs and see which one will work for me. If you can suggest one that's more advisable for newbie bloggers, what would it be? :)

  3. Thank you for sharing these! I've almost only done direct advertising till date. Gonna try some of these monetizing programs now.

  4. It's really nice that there are a lot of alternative ad options we can use in our site. You have now more choices on what works well with you.

  5. Thanks for sharing these. I've been considering monetizing my blog but am still unsure about how I want to do it. These options certainly help.

  6. Awesome to read at this. Now there are more ways of earning.

  7. I don't make use of ads on my blog.

  8. These are nice ways to monetize the blog. I will check them out. Thanks for sharing.