Some Surprising Health Benefits of Love

Some Surprising Health Benefits of Love
Love certainly feels good. Many people have been longing for love ever since they were born in this world. Everyone falls in it and why the effort to elude its trap when it makes us feel good after all. But physical effects of love and just how simple it is to get the benefits may surprise you.

Several studies indicate that married people who have plenty of love in their lives tend to be healthier than those who remain single. Love can keep you healthy mentally, physically, socially and spiritually too.So,here we're mentioning a few  benefits of love in this article.

Bolster Your Immune System

Research suggests that happy couples who engage in positive conflict resolution have higher functioning immune systems than those who don't.The couples who displayed the most negative behavior during the fights also showed the largest decline in immediate immune system functioning. Those who argued in a more loving, positive way had higher immediate immune function. Looking to fight in a healthier way? the key to positive conflict resolution is productively engaging in the conversation without retreating or "stonewalling" each other.

Make You Physically Fit

No, you don't get to bid your gym membership goodbye. But, it turns out that couples who exercise together have more success than people who sweat solo.Nearly half of people who exercise alone quit their programs after one year, but two-thirds of those who work out with a loved one stick to it. Even better: Both men and women work between 12 and 15 percent harder when training with a romantic partner. Whether it's the excitement of being together or the extra push to keep up with your partner. To reap the rewards, try scheduling in gym sessions with your honey during a time when you'll both be able to commit, like in the morning or during lunch. 

Help You Live Longer

"There's a long history of research that has looked at the health benefits of marriage,According to a 2004 study by the CDC, mortality rates were found to be the lowest in married couples.People experience less stress when they're in committed, healthy relationships and less stress means better health. Plus, it has been shown that when men marry they give up some of their risky behavior,like heavy drinking and smoking which leads to longevity. Good news for your hubby! 

Burns Calories

Love helps you stay fit by burning your calories. Do you really want us to tell how?All the time you spend with your partner between sheets burns your calories. Only way in the whole world that gives you pleasure while burning calories without dieting or exercises. According to studies, sexual activity of 30 minutes burns around 85 calories.

Clear Up Your Skin

That healthy glow of being in love? It's not just a myth! When our love life is in order, our stress levels are lower.There is less free-floating cortisol,high cortisol levels cause stress-induced acne and thus less skin breakouts and pimples." 

Make You Better Sleep

Love promotes better sleep. When in intimate relationships, very often couples have a sound sleep soon after a session between the sheets. Having a proper sleep is very important, and when in Love, the better sleep comes as a gift. Proper sleep keeps you fresh and energetic all day long.

Improve Your Heart Heath

People in happy relationships experience less stress, which in turn improves their cardiovascular health.You stay happy when you are in Love and your heart beats for your love. When in love your brain sends impulses to your heart and your heart pounds. The pounding heart results in proper blood circulation and with proper blood circulation in your body works efficiently.Studies have shown that couples happily in love have a better blood pressure than people who are single or have broken hearts. So, if you have blood pressure problem go and fall in love. The more happier you are in love, the more better your blood pressure will get.Love reduces risk of heart diseases. People who make love at least two-three times a week are less likely to suffer from heart diseases than people who make love once or twice a month. 

Bring Happiness

You must have seen people in Love smiling and laughing always. Love is the secret, when you are in love, you will smile and your life will be full of happiness. People who are in a healthy relationship have less risk of depression. Happiness and depression are paths exactly opposite in direction. Stay happy in love to stay away from depression.

Reduce Feelings of Pain

The comfort of holding your husband's hand can actually minimize your feelings of pain, according to a recent study. The most fascinating part? These feelings of pain decreased even more when the female subjects—who were in happy marriages––held their husband's hands. "Yes, friends helped reduce the pain that these subjects were feeling, but their husband did a better job at it." 

Regulate Your Menstrual Cycle 

That is, love––as in making love––can. If you're struggling with irregular periods, try hitting the sheets a study from Planned Parenthood demonstrating stated that women who have sex at least once a week have higher levels of estrogen and are more likely to have regular menstrual cycles than women who have sex less frequently. 

Calm and Composed Mind

In love, you stay happy, healthy and away from stress, all this gives you a calm and composed mind. Better sleep helps you to concentrate on your work. Calm and composed mind is as important as a fit and healthy body. People in love get less angry and leads a peaceful and happy life.

Have you ever thought about the Health Benefits of Love? Love is the talk of the town from ages and to find a person who has never been in Love is nearly impossible. Everyone’s experience Love and Love do affect your body and mind’s health. After reading this article you may realize how healthy Love is for you. We all experience these surprising health benefits of love, but don’t give them much importance because all our attention is in Love and out Lover.So stay healthy with your love..
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