Some Best Health and Fitness Apps

 Best Health and Fitness Apps

As the tech savvy community that we are, we spend most of our time working in front of our computers and mobile devices. As a result, we often let our health take the back seat, never really finding the time to go to the gym or a fitness class and more often than not choosing fast food over much healthier options.

This is especially true for workaholic freelancers who sometimes work longer hours than their office-bound counterparts. So here we're going to share some apps which will help you to make you healthy and fit.


This is my favorite weight loss and diet smart app. You just have to input your height, weight, age, sex and other specs and the app will recommend you how many calories you must take, how many miles your should walk/run to lose the weight you want in the specified time. MyFitnessPal draws aesthetically pleasing and usable graphs to let you know your progress each week. You can mesh a social touch by adding friends, competing with them in weight loss race thus making things more fun and pushy.

Lose It!

This is a great nifty little app which lets you count the calorie of each food product just by its packet barcode. For example if you in a grocery store and solving the riddles of calorie counts of the products you want to eat, just use this app, swipe it in front of the barcode of the product packet using your phone and the calories of it will be shown on your phone. Lose It also tells you how many weeks you should persist on your workout to lose the weight you want.


RunKeeper is best for all those who have taken the exercise, workouts and jogging as their primary motive and measure to lose weight (its the best). Just turn on RunKeepr in your smart phone, start jogging, running cycling or walking, the app will keep you pushing just like a coach to keep up a specific pace in your movements. At the end of your workout, it will break down the complete stats to show you your progress and how much calories you burnt.

Fitness Buddy

For all the beginners who are confused about doing exercise the right way, Fitness Buddy is for you. There are both free and paid version. The paid version has 1,400 exercises, HD videos, body metrics tracking and more whereas the free version also assist you about thousands of famous useful exercises.


Gympact is a free app to keep your health resolutions. With this app you can set your exercises and track your goals. It uses your phone GPS and accelerometer to keep track of your workouts at park or at Gym.
Take photos of your meals or vote for your friends photos. With this app you can connect with other fitness apps like MyFitnessPal. You can even earn money for doing exercises, get notified of your earnings each week.
Mobile apps are the 21st century’s addition to the endless array of tools designed to help you meet your health and fitness goals. With any tool, you must remember that they are designed to help you achieve a goal. They don’t do it for you. So if you think these 5  fitness apps are going to solve all of your problems where others have failed before, they won’t. You are the only thing that’s going to help you to “be 1% better every day”.

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  1. Definitely took note of the apps and will download most of it.Definitely want to kickstart my weight loss..

  2. Awesome. I love downloading health and fitness app though right now what I actively use is an app that tracks my weight loss.

  3. I also wanna add Nike+ running app :) Thanks for sharing these, now I have new apps to download


  4. I used runkeeper for a time before I used GPS watches to monitor my run.

  5. Thank you for the apps. This would help me in my "dieting/slimming" plan. :)