5 Qualities for a Successful Life

5 Qualities for a Successful Life
Success is something that all of us wish to attain. But if it were so easy, everyone who wanted it would have it – it’s relative elusiveness is what makes it special. It’s exclusive to a handful of people who did extraordinary things in their lives to get them to where they are today. And it wasn’t because they were lucky or because it was just handed to them.

Most successful people in this world started from the bottom and worked their way up in life. The only time luck plays a role is when you are in the right place at the right time, but it’s up to you to get yourself there and then.

So what are the things we should strive for to make our lives successful and have a positive impact on those around us? Here is a list of traits that we think defines what true success in life is all about. 

Common Sense

The first and most important of the personal qualities needed for success was defined as, common sense. It is said that the average person has an enormous amount of common sense because he or she hasn’t used any of it yet. Common sense seems to be something that a person accumulates as the result of experience over a long period of time.

Common sense was defined by the participants in this survey as the “ability to cut to the core of a matter, to recognize and deal with the essential elements of a problem or a situation, rather than getting sidetracked by smaller issues or symptoms.”

Another definition of common sense was “The ability to learn from experience and then to apply those lessons to subsequent experiences.” Common sense was seen as the core of all personal qualities that enabled a person to become increasingly more effective over time.

Be Good at What You Do

The second of all the personal qualities needed for success that came out of the study was that of expertise. Most successful people are very good at what they do and they know they are very good. They have learned and practiced and reflected and gotten better and better until they are recognized by their peers as being among the very best in their fields. This feeling of being the best is an absolute prerequisite for achieving a better life.


Another one of the personal qualities identified in the study was that of self-reliance. Men and women who are respected by others tend to look primarily to themselves for the answers to their questions and for the solutions to their problems. They are highly self-responsible.

They do not blame others or make excuses when things go wrong. They regard themselves as the primary creative forces in their own lives. They volunteer for tough assignments, and they are willing to take charge when something needs to be done.

Intelligence Is More Than IQ

Intelligence is another one of the top personal qualities that was identified through the study. Intelligence seems to be a key requirement for success in any field. However, when they looked at this subject, they found that intelligence was not necessarily measured in terms of IQ.

Many of the most notable men and women alive today did poorly in school. They got low grades or no grades, and many of them had not completed university or even high school. One gentleman in the study could not even read or write, and yet he had gotten all the way through university by covering it up and getting others to do his assignments for him.

Become Result Oriented

The last of all personal qualities identified in the study was that of being result oriented. This means that you know that you are capable of getting the results for which you are responsible. All highly respected men and women are recognized as being the kind of people who can get the job done, whatever it is. They are invariably decisive, result oriented people.

They are highly result oriented because they have a bias for action and a sense of urgency. They have trained themselves to be extremely capable at doing whatever is required. Bigger and better jobs and responsibilities seem to flow to them. The world tends to step aside and make way for the person who knows what he or she is doing and knows where he or she is going.

Do you believe in self-improvement? If yes, then share the self improvement tips you follow to develop your personal qualities for success. Which characteristics would you like to add to the list so that it can make your life easier and happier? Share in the comments below.

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  1. True! i do agree to what had you said above. The mere fact you listed the common sense is totally agreeable. It is better to be uneducated with common sense than to be educated without common sense.

  2. True that! Those qualities are really important to be successful in life. I would like to add dedication and discipline. :)

  3. Awesome tips! I am using passion, perseverance and skill on getting Success. Great Read! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Awesome tips for this topic and am sure readers can relate for these points. To add some points, determination to succeed and luck too, do you agree?

  5. I think a major share contributing to one's improvement is the support of the parents and loved ones. If they are too negative, they can have the power to make the person feel down and discouraged.

  6. Being results oriented is really important as it helps us be more organized in our actions and decisions.

  7. This article is just what I need today. Thanks for sharing. I am practiccing to be more results oriented than I already am.

  8. Trust in God and have faith plus hardwork. He will surely guide you and lead you to the way of success.

  9. Common sense and trusting in God will get you far!

  10. Great post. I am happy to read this article after a long tiring day at work.

  11. True! Common sense is really a must in this world. For my tip, I always say to believe in yourself, and everything else will follow :)