Understand True Love

Understanding True Love

Understand true love is not easy, especially the love between two people. The understanding of true love takes a lot of time, patience, and the readiness to accept each other when there is love between two individuals.

The English language offers two meanings for ‘True Love’, describing either the kind of love we feel for someone and/or the person your true love is subjected to. Both meanings primarily reflect on an emotion directed at somebody else.

When searching for the deeper meaning of True Love we will find that it describes a feeling inside which does not necessarily require an object. It is an expansive all-encompassing energetic resonance within us that is unconditional and trusting.

Working with True Love as Energetic Resonance

Unconditional Love is ego-less. It is an energy that surrenders to the Love for All, the kind of Love the universe ‘feels’ for the totality of it’s holographic dimensions, parents feel for their children, a flower feels for its petals, a leaf feels for the wind that makes it dance.It is the Love of creation, the Love of the Divine, which does not expect anything back. It does not require any payback…it just IS.

Unconditional Love is based on Wholeness within and can be felt for in a flower, a baby, music, water, a laughing child, a person’s smile, a dog’s wagging tail or ideally, for every learning experience.

This is the resonance needed to attract our True Love into our lives, inside and outside. True Love means loving everything we are, do, feel or think. If we don’t/can’t love what we are, do, feel or think we are counteracting and imploding this field within us. If we cannot love ourselves, others can’t love us – we can’t love others.

When working with True Love on an energetic level we can learn that objectified love is a weak and projected form of love and therefore conditional. True Love does not require an object, it expresses in the object! True Love also doesn’t require energetic maintenance, such as looking good for our partner, doing him/her favors, controlling, manipulating or protecting – it cannot be ‘caught’ or ‘kept’ because it is the cause and effect of our inner energetic alignment and not another person. True Love is a state of energy, which can only be felt when we are resonating on the vibratory level of unconditionality.

What is Love

Simply stated, love is the feeling that you feel for another, which comes from within. Love is the emotion that makes you blush and feel elated, makes you feel on top of the world and just not yourself anymore!Love is profound and shouldn’t be treated lightly. It is a natural wonderful feeling, and so powerful that it can cause us pain.Love shared between two people creates an awesome feeling that wraps us and makes us very protective of the love we have.Sometimes love hurts because we stop thinking of ways to keep the fondness burning, to keep it safe. Love is not one-sided and you can never win in the game of love, which is the saddest part.Love between two people is a shared feeling about their interest in one another. It is not about jealousy, conflict, testing, instead love is a positive feeling.It is the total surrender of your heart to another person when you have that confidence that they will treat your heart better than you will.Love feels good, not bad. It should want to make you a better person, not lead you to do something damaging. It makes you glow and soar in spirit.Love knows no limits, no boundaries, and no limitations. It is unconditional, limitless, and always flowing. We can’t avoid getting hurt in love, but just as Tennyson said:

it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Love between Two People

Understanding true love takes time, and though you can never find out your feelings or the feelings of another person about love, there are some signs that show that love between two people is blooming.

  • You know that love between two individuals is present, because you have been told by your partner and your feelings are returned in kind.
  • You feel joyful and serene when you are with your partner.
  • You try to find ways to be romantic with each other, not only on Valentine’s Day, instead make each day as good as Valentine’s.
  • The objects of your affection and love makes you feel good about yourself, and you feel so special.
  • When you feel jealous you don’t let that thought come to you because you trust your partner. You know that your partner won’t hurt your relationship or betray you.
  • When you quarrel with your partner you normally make up within a few hours. You believe that nothing is more important than being able to express your true feelings, even if they cause conflicts.
  • Both you and your partner don’t feel the need to test each other’s feelings or loyalties.
  • Your partner doesn’t ask you to choose between your loyalties to your friends and family and him/her. And if you do choose your partner over them, you have a valid reason and it’s based on your decision alone.
  • The love shows when you are more of yourself when you are with your partner, rather than when you are with somebody else. You become best friends with your partner.

When you see love between two people, something is moving, changing, and flowing. They live in an aura and their vibrations reach one another even if they are not together.In such kind of love sometimes there is no need for words as there is a deep understanding prevalent between two people. Instead, there is an exchange between their souls or a soul-to-soul connection.Mariana Fulger said:

Love is like the sunrise; hope appeared at the same time on two faces and in two souls connected by the same wonders and tears of life. 

Have you been in love? If so, what was your experience like? Did you have trouble in understanding true love? Do you feel that the love between two people is incomplete without a proper understanding of true love? Share your thoughts with us.

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  1. Thanks for breaking this down. Love is a very complicated emotion but it's wonderful to feel it. :)

  2. I think I'm in love haha yeah I am in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost five years now but I admit that it wasn't only our third year when I really felt I love him. My love for my family and God of course is more. :D

  3. When you're in love, everything is perfect.

  4. hmm , at first yes i have these feelings of happiness and scared.. well my true love is now my husband and its really a nice feeling :)

  5. when i get into relationship, I was really never serious about it but luckily we reached 4 years and i value our relationship now than before.

  6. You really explained it well.. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. True love is universal and each feel differently, but true love is a continuous processes of likes and dislikes of two people until death.

  8. When it comes to love, it's ideal that it's unconditional and no ifs.

  9. Totally agree! I actually met my True love when i was 22 i am bit late lol Great information! Thank you for sharing!

  10. I met my true love when I was 17 :)

  11. I'm in love. I'm with my boyfriend for 3 years now and looking forward for forever. It is indeed very important if you have the same understanding about love. :)