Responsive Web Design, Real Estate Sites, and Niteskape Design Tips

Website design is one of the most important things that every company and real estate agent must invest in. A website is essentially a showcase of a business or a person. Real estate agents have the luxury of showcasing their resume, broker, and what homes are for sale through their website. This web era has lead to growth in the market and an increasing sales in homes. Read below the top 3 web design tips for your real estate website.

Top 3 Niteskape Real Estate Website Design Tips

1- Colors: Use your colors wisely. Every color has a different meaning and that meaning is important when selling homes. Keep heavy colors like Red, Blue, and Black as accents! Overusing these colors can harm the eye and be too much for the regular user to view. We must satisfy a future website viewer as well as showcase the nature of a website at the same time. Remember to always use the same colors on every web page. Don’t change your color scheme once selected, keep it constant.

2- Responsive Web Design: A responsive website design is a must have for all real estate agents on their website. A quick and easy trick is to use Media Query in CSS to make you current website responsive. This is a pretty easy trick for developers to do. Responsive website provides that everyone is able to access and view a website on any device as the site will auto resize for each device.

3-IDX. Integrating IDX onto your real estate website will be one of the greatest tools that almost every agent should be required to have. The IDX displays a feed of the latest homes for sale and the best part is that a regular user can search the idx with is/her desired presences.

The real estate market is booming and viewing homes on the web is getting popular by the month! Investing in a great real estate website can help you as an agent showcase your image on the web and generate future leads.
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