Why Having A Female Best Friend Sucks

Why Having A Female Best Friend Sucks
We are social animals.So we love to get surround with friends and family.Best friends are the closest friends of us.Best friend are those with whom we share every thoughts,that's we we treated them as bestie.Almost every people do have some best friends.A girl as a best friend is one of the most beautiful things to have. She is sweet, she is caring, she is understanding, and most importantly, she is always available. Wake her up at 6 a.m. for a morning walk or keep her awake till 4 a.m., she will never fail to make you smile. But, every coin has two sides. Despite all the goodness, there are some things that make female best friends the most annoying elements. so let's go through this below list to find out the reasons of having a female best friend sucks.

No defined limits

Just last night you both were having a great time criticizing and abusing those fellow villains, but today morning, you get a long lecture for just a little more abusive words you used for someone unknown to her! Well, this is how she is. Afterall, she is a girl; she can never be one of you. Yes, sad reality! 

Playing Gooseberry

You are dating a cute girl. One fine day you decide to take her to a romantic dinner. And just then, your best friend calls up. She has been thrown out of her job. She is crying. And, she wants to meet you. Now? You can't avoid her, she is your best friend dude. But why does she always need you at the wrong time only? Anyways, do you have an option? Nope! You got to her, take her for a movie, make her laugh, feed her with her favorite cuisines and what not. Secretly cursing her all that while for spoiling your romantic life. 

The Feelings

No matter how chilled out and tough outwardly, girls are softies (in varying degrees) at heart. If you didn't answer her twenty calls, or couldn't be present at her exhibition, or dunked out of her office party without informing, she'd get upset, no matter how well she conceals. Then she might start acting cross for an hour before your weirdness makes her laugh again, but the point to take home is - she isn't as thick skinned as you'd expected.

Endless Bitching

If you have a female friend who's close to you, chances are that you will be the pillow she rests (err.. punches) upon. If she's angry, she'd bitch about her colleagues, her boss, her friends, her boyfriend, and she'd go on and on for hours without getting tired. If you have a female best friend, be prepared to listen to her prolonged, frequent bitching sessions, and sometimes, even bitch back in return.

The Female Safeguard 

Dare say something unparliamentary about a fellow female and your life is sure to turn to hell. Though she might be your best advisor on how to approach girls and would perfectly teach you the limits of female acceptance, she might just convert to a bodyguard at times. The fact is, everyone is more loyal to their gender; remember this always. Whatever, female friends are still a rejoice. Judge them right, understand their worth and treat them well. You are sure to experience a whole new world of happiness then.

best friend is the best thing ever. Yet, sometimes she can be plain annoying, have random mood swings, get hurt for some incomprehendable reason, or just not understand your need to be by yourself.But whatever said and done, having a woman best friend is great, and if you can learn from her and manage her right, you'll get smart hacks to strike the other Venusians fair and square!
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