Best 5 Android PDF Editor Apps

Best 5 Android PDF Editor AppsPDF is a safe and reliable way to transfer documents. As its name implies, PDF is portable and mobile, because of the fact that it transforms all text into images. This allows users to view it on many devices that don't support traditional text formats. One practical and common reason why a person would want to edit a PDF file on mobile phones is that they are collaborating with a person, or a group of people on a project, and wish to make changes from a location where there is no computer connected with internet. In this case, editing a PDF file on mobile phones would enable a person to make changes to presumably important information on demand. This will allow them to meet quotas and deadlines, and consequentially satisfy the demands of the people they are working with. Another scenario in which a person would want to edit a PDF file if they download an electronic book. Most electronic books come in PDF format. Editing a book in PDF format would enable a person to make notations, which is a nifty task for someone engaged in comprehensive study, like a college student.In order to edit PDF on Android, there are many PDF editor apps for Android available on the market.So her we're going to share Top 5 Androd Apps to edit PDF file,so let's go through this below list to check them out.

Foxit Mobile PDF

Foxit Mobile PDF supports PSI (Pressure Sensitivity Ink), functions smoothly and allows users to add comments and also navigate long documents using outline to jump to a certain section. It allows users to share these PDFs via Email, Bluetooth and cloud devices. It also has pencil tool to draw freely & eraser tool to clear records. You can add comments & record ideas by using sticky notes. It also lets you assign bookmarks to record specific information.  It provides support for English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian & other languages.

Office Suite 7 + PDF to Word

Office Suite 7 + PDF to word, has PDF camera scanner and allows users to not only create but also edit and view complex PDF files along with Microsoft Office and Attachments. It is compatible with Microsoft formats such as DOC, DOCX, DOCM, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, PPT, PPTX,PPSM and also common formats as PDF, RTF, LOG, TXT, CSV, EML, ZIP.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader, lets users comment and add note on PDF documents. Also, to add text using the Add Text tool and converts PDF to DOC, DOCX, XLSX or RTF formats for easier edit. Although with this tool, you can’t edit PDF file directly but you can edit the same after converting them. There is also a signature tool that helps user sign any document. These files can be mailed as attachments.

PDF Reader- Edit + Manage

PDF Reader- Edit + Manage, this app as well allows annotation and mark ups supporting the colour and opacity adjustments. Photo watermark can be added and watermark of text can also be created. It also makes it easy for the users to manage.

PDF Editor Text

PDF editor text is an free editor that provides basic PDF manipulation functionality. You have the option to edit the font, size, and color of the text. But it doesn't allow you to edit any image. There are no special features for viewing PDF pages, and you are not able to insert, delete, or reorder the PDF pages. You are limited to simply editing the text that is presented to you.

The only advantage to using this app is its unique feature of modifying PDF text. Most other PDF editors only allow you to annotate and insert text, but they do not allow you to edit text formatting in any way. With this app, you are able to format the text as you wish. The disadvantage is that the functionality appears to be limited. You cannot annotate, or manipulate images, a feature provided in most other PDF editors.

So these are 5 most useful free pdf editor apps for android.So we must recommend you to try them.If you do know some other apps which are also as useful as these.Do let Us know through your comments.

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