Money Saving Tips on Daily Routine

Money Saving Tips on Daily Routine

If you're out of money and looking for the perfect way to save your expenses in your daily routine then here we are.You can save a quite good amount of money from your daily routine by applying some simple strategy,so let's check them out.

  • Switch off your fan, air conditioner whenever you leave a room.
  • Apply several driving techniques to save on gas cost.
  • Use fans that rotate when winds blow as you need no electricity for them.
  • Walk as much as you can and use public transport that cost less and save gas.
  • Close the water faucet while brushing.
  • Close the shower whenever applying soap or shampoo.
  • Drink lots of cold water to keep your body temperature cool and reduce the need for air conditioning or fan.
  • Use fans instead of air conditioners when it is not so hot.
  • Wash your car or other things on your lawn so do not need to water them again.
  • Water the lawn or the plants before sunrise or after sunset, to keep air cool and prevent wastage of water.
  • Instead of washing clothes according to colour, separately wash the clothes that lose colour and wash the rest together.
  • Buy in bulk when you can.
  • Do not overeat and be healthy.
  • Buy a bigger freezer to store bulk items for extended period.
  • Do not keep food in refrigerator for too long, this spoils the food after a few days.
  • Use steel or stainless steel as it lasts  much longer than plastic articles.
  • Don't hire people for housework, instead do it by yourself as this also helps as a good exercise.
  • Make leak-proof your home to save on energy consumption.
  • Do not throw the plastic containers, reuse and re-purpose them.
  • Select a bank with no-fee/lesser-fee to bank with.
  • Instead of ordering a pizza, buy frozen pizza which costs lesser.
  • Whenever wash clothes turn them inside out to preserve their appearance.
  • Use less detergent powder unless clothes are very dirty to make them last longer.
  • Use old clothes to make rags, etc.
  • Instead of expensive cleaners use vinegar.
  • Do not get attracted towards sales.
  • Instead of gas/oil mowers use a push mower.
  • Wash clothes only when they are really dirty.
  • Pay all bills on time to prevent penalty fees and finance charges.
  • Always check your bank balance before writing a check, to avoid overdraft fee.
  • Practice comparison shopping to drive lower cost whenever possible.
  • Instead of cable subscription watch T.V online.
  • Before you go for shopping, eat.
  • Make coffee or tea at home.
  • Cut back on eating out frequently.
  • Do not renew subscription for magazines you hardly read.
  • Quit smoking to save on cigarette cost and future healthcare cost.
  • Quit drinking if it's possible
  • Buy generic store products instead of name brand.
  • Create your monthly/annual budget and try to stick on it.
  • Never ask for home delivery if it is not free.
  • Drink water instead of soft drinks.
  • Cut on the number of trips to the mall.
  • Reduce auto insurance premium by raising deductibles.
  • Wash your car yourself, don't use car wash.
  • Use solar water heater to save grid electricity cost.
  • Grow plants and vegetables in your garden.
  • Use curtains to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter as well.
  • Carry your own food when traveling.
  • Throw parties at your home, rather than at clubs/restaurants.
  • Make gifts at home rather than buying expensive gifts.
  • Use alternate energy to save grid electricity cost.
  • Always try to negotiate while shopping.
  • Save flight ticket cost by booking tickets well in advance.
  • Go to less expensive tourists spots. or take stay cation
  • Use free online phone services to make calls. Even Skype can help to save a lot of money.
  • Fit solar electricity generators.
  • Try to buy used car to save on new car premium pricing.
  • Go for vacations mid-week to avail the cheapest tickets for the week.
  • Use CFL or LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs.
  • Try to repair simple faults before they become big and require more money to fix.
  • Don't full your car’s fuel tank.
  • Never buy food if you don’t need it.
  • Park as soon as you see an empty parking space.
  • Use rags, instead of expensive paper towels
  • Use things to the maximum.
  • Don't buy unnecessary things.
  • Make baby food at home.
  • Exercise at home, instead of going to the gym.
  • Move in a less expensive city.
  • Buy clothes from thrift stores.
  • Instead of costly zip-lock bags, use simple bags.
  • If possible use less expensive traveling ways.
  • Do not buy mineral water, use tap water instead.
  • Use free software instead of their paid alternatives.
  • Sell unwanted things to earn some extra bucks.
  • Use a simpler cell phone. that can meet your basic phone need.
  • Never throw soap remnants, instead combine them and use it again.
  • Use cold water in summer to bath and to wash clothes.
  • Instead of an electric clock, use a wind-up clock.
  • Live in a locality with lower home price/rent.
  • Before soaping dishes, rinse them.
  • Shop online and save on gas.
  • Choose short-cuts while driving.
  • Whenever you don't need watches turn them off to save battery.
  • Use a cloth bag instead of buying a plastic bag everywhere.
  • Make pizzas and burgers at home.
  • Reuse old furniture instead of buying new.
  • Do your own taxes with the help of professional software,instead of hiring a consultant.
  • Use a microwave as much as possible to save electricity cost for cooking needs.
  • Do regular maintenance to reduce car repair cost.
  • Wash only when your dishwasher/washing machine is full.
  • Reduce cell phone cost.
  • Don't let your account balance fall below minimum.
  • Save money with free stuff
  • Don’t buy clothes that require dry-cleaning only.
  • Ask your doctor about generic medicines when available, compared to name brands.
  • If you do have an extra room in your house, give it on a rent.
  • Borrow books and movies from local library instead of renting them.
  • Be happy with what you have.

While saving money on these thing, don't miss good opportunities to save money and be a motivated saver, make saving a fun. Remember, we grow our wealth One Cent at a Time.So what do you do to save money on your daily routine?Share with us through your comment.

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  1. great tips.. mostly my husband knows these all he keep on reminding me lol

  2. In addition to switching of your fan and air conditioner, I think it's a good practice as well to plug off all appliances when not in use. You can really save energy that way.