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Online reputation management pricing varies by company. But because of up-selling the original price often isn’t the ultimate price. Before you choose a reputation management firm, evaluate everything you get for your money, especially if you’re being offered a "package deal". The first thing to understand is that there are different kinds of online reputation programs that include monitoring, DIY, cheap, and true agencies. You should know the difference before you compare prices. Here are a few examples of the various types:

What affects  online reputation management pricing?

Depending on where you go, different companies usually offer tiered service options based on the difficulty of your case, and the amount of work needed to improve how you look online.

Things like: how competitive your personal search results are, how much info already exists about you online, whether or not you have negative search results, and the level of customization that you want, can all influence the price tag attached to this work.

The big one to remember here is if you have a negative sentiment problem online. Negative search results, poor reviews, or social media issues all fall under this category. These are all issues that can hurt your career, personal life, or business in a big way.

They are also problems that aren’t easily fixed, but need to get handled as swiftly as possible. With a project like a brand redesign you have the luxury of time. That isn’t the case with fixing negative sentiment issues. You need to hit the ground running.

Because of this, if you have negative search results (or a similar problem) you should expect to pay somewhere in the medium-high tier of reputation management pricing. This means roughly $7,500-$15,000 for a project. This is assuming you are working with a reputable firm that uses ethical and long-term strategies.

How to know you’re getting a fair price for online reputation management

Even though we’ve narrowed things down to a more sensible price range, there’s still some work to be done.

In order to ensure you’re paying fair reputation management prices you need to know what exactly is being done. There are a few things you can do that will help you with this.

The first is to do some research about SEO and branding best practices to get a handle on the basics. Getting an initial look at what it takes to develop your own brand will help you understand deliverables as you start looking at reputation management pricing going forward.

When you’re ready, these are the kinds of questions you should be asking a company:

  1. What is the strategy?
  2. What kinds of SEO tactics do you use?
  3. What are the deliverables?
  4. Who will be working on my brand?
  5. How responsive are you to my input?
  6. What are some examples of work you have done in the past?

Chances are you won’t understand everything right away, so make sure to ask a lot of questions. An ethical company will help you out until you understand the process completely.

Getting all of this information will benefit you in a couple ways. The first is that you will be able to take exact deliverables and strategy information and compare it to other firms. This will help you be informed enough to shop around for a good fit as well as the most affordable option among quality companies.

The other reason this information is good is because it will allow you to get a gut feeling for the company. If they are having a difficult time explaining specifics in their strategy, or are charging a lot of money for something that obviously doesn’t make sense, you can move on to someone else.

Resources and Costs Affect Pricing

Reputation management pricing depends how difficult a project is estimated to be. It also relies on the timeframe, and the type of project it is. The cost for an active managed campaign can run $3000 and up per month depending on the severity of the issue. It will usually last six to twelve months.

Why Does It Cost What It Does?

A successful reputation management project may consist of development of hiqh-quality web properties, social media, well-written content that people find useful, search engine optimization including earned links, and more. Many resources go into the price calculations of a reputation management campaign.

Online Reputation Management Packages

As mentioned above, an Online Reputation Management package which only includes a reputation search and social monitoring, can cost as little as $200 per month, and may even be free. Keep in mind that these are passive measures that amount to online tutorials and monitoring by automated software only. Generally, they do not solve a problem. Because they are automated and "do it yourself" reputation management they are less expensive that a true active campaign.  Active (non-packaged) ORM campaigns that successfully change results start at about $3000 per month. But these campaigns entail the use of many experts in content placement, creation, negotiation, legal issues, search engine practices, and much more... and some bots. 

By now you should be armed with the knowledge to go out there and find reputation management pricing that works for you or your business.

If you want to talk to us about managing your online reputation.If you’re looking at other companies and aren’t sure if their offerings are fair, feel free to reach out to us and ask as well. We believe we have the best products and services on the market, but we’re not claiming to be the only solid Online Reputation Management option out there. If we can help clean up the industry and give you the confidence to take the next step and repair your reputation we’ll do it gladly (even if you settle on another company).

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