Survive The Cold And Flu Season Unscathed With A ‘Superhero’ Tea

With antioxidant levels 70 times higher than orange juice and nine times more beta carotene than spinach, it’s no surprise that Matcha (a powdery, super-concentrated version of green tea) is being described as the superhero of the tea world, and is loved by celebs including Gwenyth Paltrow and Eva Longoria.
Matcha tea has been drunk in the Far East for almost a thousand years (in Japan they whisk it into a kind of bright green cappuccino) and has even been thought to increase life expectancy.
Teapigs, one of our favourite purveyors of a quality brew, are now offering an organic version just in time to ward off this years’ round of colds and flus. If your office is starting to sound a bit like a hospital ward, it might be time for a little superhero help of your own. With research also suggesting that Matcha also boosts metabolism by as much as 40%, we’re stocking up.
Teapigs Matcha Organic Super Power is available from John Lewis or, £25 for 30g (that’s £0.83 per cup)
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