Why Do Men Leave Their Partner?

Usually men leave with some form of escape. They generally do not want to hurt the feelings of the woman leave.

There are cases in which men do not want to hear and see your reaction when you tell the truth: namely, they do not want to continue with you. Here is why!Some men do not even have a concrete idea why they wanted to get away ... just know that they want it.

But in all cases where a man leaves his partner the reason is this: men leave the relationship when she does not give them what they need. And what is need is a woman to admire their personality - the way it is.

Men want respect and to see the interest is directed to them by the opposite sex. Remember, men yearn for admiration!

When a couple is just the beginning, she usually knows how to shows you his interest in her husband - she flutters with eyelashes, smiles a lot, into a wicked giggle and often touching it.

But time is ticking and she began to walk without makeup, bear sweaters instead of challenging mini dress that is worn for him and because he no longer tries to "get", do not bother to laugh at his jokes and show interest.

 Men do not leave because they found a more beautiful and less, they start to feel respectable again, and wanted to feel that they admire.

Often men to take their hat, say they are hoping to rub them and muttering. Actually, no murmur in itself is a problem, but the fact that the partner shows that it is somehow dissatisfied with what he is and what he has to offer - and that it eats otvartre and drove it from the link.

The latter does not mean that we should not express their true feelings. I just want to say that we must balance the criticism when it is with a demonstration of love and admiration (for things like that) - this will fuel the flame of love. Moreover, without sacrificing self-esteem, to gratify his every whim ...
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