Tips on How to Find Mr. Right

Tips on where to meet the perfect partner for us.
Where to meet the right man?In today’s busy life we are involved in finding a serious partner but this turns out to be extremely difficult. With aging, it is further complicated because our claims are getting bigger, but there is a reduction in the opportunities for dating.
We Should Search Among friends and acquaintances
The easiest way to meet your soul mate is to search for him among your friends’ social circle. Studies show that 92% of people go out with someone they met through family or friends and 40% marry their partners from their own circle. I recommend this option because it is relatively safe – it saves time since both of you share the same interests. If you widen the circle of your acquaintances, your chances will increase. Here are some tips on how to do this:
Look around you and meet your neighbors or some friends of your girlfriend.
Be active to call on the people you like.
Accept the invitation of his friend to go dancing salsa to meet him as if by chance
Think of every person whom you meet as a part of a new chain of contacts.

In the workplace

The company where you work and spend most of your day is one of the most trusted places to meet someone suitable. Despite the widespread view that ties cause complications in the service and poor atmosphere, some of the most successful marriages are precisely among colleagues. According to surveys, about 80% of people have attended a meeting with someone with whom they met through their work.It’s not likely to be disappointed by the other party
By dating agencies or internet Consider them well before you use them, because they is a considerable chance to encounter cheaters, liars and explorers. Here’s what to do for your own safety when meeting a stranger:

Let your first few meetings be in public places.
Tell a friend where you are going and when you return. Leave him the name and phone number of the person you will meet.
Go earlier to the meeting place and if something seems not right, leave.
If you are uncomfortable during the meeting, figure out a way to get out under some pretext. 
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