The Woman of Your Dreams

Tips on how to become the perfect partner and how to satisfy your lover's secret fantasies and desires.

Every woman wants to have a loving and caring man beside her. Moreover, when finding him, she has to keep him satisfied and contented. Thus he will stay with her forever. There are some points that are worth considering in order to become the woman of men's dreams.

The perfect lover has to:

1. Be initiative. It is no secret that men want to be seduced and it is important that a woman shows signs of desire to have sex. It is a good idea to do the following after dinner: just take him by the hand, look into his eyes and tell him you would like to do some naughty things together.

2. Be supportive and beautiful. Men do not necessarily desire their wives to be like Angelina Jolie, but insist that they keep in good shape,  play sports, visit the beauty parlour, etc. The woman has two basic responsibilities in life: to be beautiful and to be happy! That's it!! If she complies with these laws, the men in her life will take care of the rest.

3.Always be ready to experiment. Men just love to try new things.They want to try and test. So they want a woman who constantly provokes them to do something new. New positions, new places, new toys, maybe even new partners. Be brave and experiment more in sexual life.

4.Be creative because it is more likely that your partner loves all kinds of sex. For example, Swallow with pleasure when having oral sex.

5. Talk about your desires and wishes and give feedback. Men are not clairvoyants and they do not know what you want in sex. It is important that each woman briefly, precisely and specifically explains to him what she wants and what she expects of him.

6. After sex you should not talk about past relationships or your future together.  Men think that sex is a kind of sports and they hate it when you ask them if you are going to have a relationship or when he is going to call you again.It's nice just to praise him and tell him a compliment, associated with his masculine qualities (strength, confidence, being the best lover, etc.). Men need your admiration.

7. Love your body. Women often worry that their bodies have cellulite, stretch marks, etc. Because of these reasons, they do not allow their partner to watch them and want to have sex in the dark. But for most men it is important to look at the woman during sex! Note that for the man every woman looks beautiful and sexy during sex! Learn to love your body. Notice what touches you most  and makes you excited, determine your sexual areas and share them with your partner.

8. Be a slut. This is a great compliment for a woman. If the woman is able to bitch with her husband in bed, then surely the number of cheating would be reduced dramatically. She wants sex and radiates sexual energy. To awaken the sexual desire in ourselves, we should read porn stories, talk about sex out loud, watch videos related to sex, eat food slowly and with pleasure.The good mistress focuses on finding pleasure everywhere.
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