The Most Famous Booty On Instagram

Jen Seltar has over two million followers on Instagram. Wondering what she is known for? Oh wow that 20-year-old beauty has the best booty in the social network! Ms. Seltar daily publishes new photographs with the emphasis on her buttocks . She necessarily poses in leggings or a swimsuit to show us her body in all its glory. Seltar is from Long Island and wants to pursue a career of a fitness model. It all started when she was shooting in the gym and the image collected so many likes that she took another one and then another one... The rest is history, as they say . She has many fans on Facebook and over 200,000 people follow her on Twitter, including Shaquille O'Neal !

What a strange world we live in! 
It's all 'bout the booty
It's all 'bout the butt butt butt butt butt.......
And I don't think It's funny
to see us fade away
It's all 'bout the booty
It's all 'bout the butt butt butt butt butt......
and I think we got it all wrong anyway....

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  1. Boa noite
    Belos looks esportivos além de serem confortáveis e elegantes

  2. So nice and beautifull blog ! Lovely ! Do u wanna follow each other ? If yes , just follow me and let me know ! I will follow u back as soon as possible

  3. great pics, very inspirational :)