My Fear Of Rejection

I would like to talk about the greatest fear of my life-the fear of being rejected. My fear of rejection is obsessive and paralyzing. Sometimes it's choking me but I can do nothing about it. I haven't been able to overcome it so far. I really wonder what the cause for my fear of rejection is. Maybe I lack confidence and maybe my parents are to blame. I've seen how much supportive the parents of my friends have been during all those years. Even if their kids are a total failure in life and are not able to achieve anything by themselves, the parents still keep persuading them how wonderful they are and thus they raise their self-confidence.

I read somewhere that success is due to frustration. When you get declined so many times you get frustrated and this motivates you to keep fighting for being heard and acknowledged. Anyways, I am really not sure about that or at least it's not acceptable for me. The more I get declined, the more I get discouraged and just give up. My mother always told me that I would be like a willow-bend but would not break but she always wanted more and more from me, never getting satisfied with my excellent marks, or my achievements in arts.

I have the same problem in my relationship with women-i always hesitate to make the first step towards them and approach them. I usually wait for destiny or soem other circumstances to boost my love life but unfortunately this does not happen. i am afraid that if I go talking to a girl she will think I am stupid, or boring, or just a nerd, so I never take the chance to do that being sure I'll definitely get rejected.

In conclusion, I would just like to point out that the best possible way for bringing up your kids is believing in them and their talents, skills, and abilities. Thus they will grow up confident and successful.

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