Motherhood Does Not Start with Pregnancy But Long Before That

Recommendations for future mothers and pregnant women.When a woman realizes she is pregnant, she starts asking herself what the necessary steps to having a healthy baby are. The most important thing is that she should understand motherhood does not begin with the beginning of pregnancy. There are some things that have to be done in advance. Firstly, the woman should cease with her bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol. When pregnant the woman should realize this is not a disease but a physiological state that requires a slightly different way of life. The physical labor should be restricted, the stressful fitness exercises also.The woman should eat in small portions many times a day instead of eating so much at one time.The first months of pregnancy are extremely important for the doctors since the organs and systems of the baby are formed during the first three months. For example, the regular intake of folic acid is almost obligatory thus reducing the risk of innate diseases and malfunctions. Folic acid is the vitamin that brings iron to the cells and is used to cure anemia.It reduces high blood pressure levels in the last trimester of pregnancy as well. High blood pressure could be extremely risky both for teh mother and the baby. Vitamin A is a great one but in teh first three months of pregnancy its use is not recommended because its overdose could injure the embryo. It's important to take vitamin D3,omega 3 acid rich products, etc.

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