Constipation-how to Avoid It

Some useful tips on avoiding constipation.

Constipation is a condition associated with the imbalance in the digestive system.

There is much written on what to eat when you suffer from constipation, but I would like to tell you what NOT to eat.

Processed foods: First of all: frozen burgers and pizza – you can forget about them. When the food is ready to eat, packed in a box and put it in the freezer, it certainly lacks vital nutrients and there are probably cheap ingredients used, preservatives and other substances for ensuring the long expedient date of the product. Processed food has less fiber and that can cause discomfort and unease.

Pasta: Biscuits, sweets, cakes ….. they are rich in sugar and fats. They go well with tea and coffee, but once again they are poor in fiber. If you do not want to reject them completely, eat more fruits and vegetables to balance the levels of ingested fiber. Sugar can be glued directly to the thighs, but may be the cause of constipation. 

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Red meat: If you regularly eat pork or beef meat, without vegetables as a side dish, maybe you already have some experience with constipation. If you do not want to throw away the scraps of meat from his plate, at least eat them up with a salad, cooked vegetables, whole grain cereals or something that is rich in fiber. 

Caffeine: it is  difficult for people to give up coffee and strong tea, because they help us in the morning to get a fresh start for the day, but it’s an unhealthy addiction. Caffeine dehydrates the organism and dehydration is one of the main reasons for constipation.

Oily Food And Eating fast are teasing even for teh lovers of eating healthily but the oily and salty food increase the risk of constipation and having some digestive problem.

Fried Food-fried meals saturated in oil delay the digestive process. If you lose the battle with that temptation, then at least make sure that before and after the use of fries you will intake enough water and vegetables.

Yoghurt: If you suffer from constipation, leave the cheese and other dairy products aside, and eat more cereals and nuts, covered with yoghurt. The reason for avoiding them in order to prevent constipation is due to teh lack of fiber tissues in dairy products.

I hope you find my article useful.

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