B.o.b.:a Modern Version of a Classic Fairytale

Have you ever felt
 Lost...Frustrated... Desperate... Lonely... Abandoned... Misunderstood ?

I wanna tattoo these words on my hands but they are already written deep inside.

The story is about a woman in her late 20s who faces some disappointment with her previous relationships with men and starts anew,finding her true elastic plastic Chinese love: B.O.B. (or How I Fell in Love with My Battery Operated Boy)

‘Just another boring day at school’, I thought while getting ready to leave my flat and jump into the jungle called ’German Lanuage Highschool’,where I have the honour of teaching Maths to teenagers.

I put foundation on my skin to cover those shameless bumps piercing my chin. My efforts were in vain but what the fuck. Hope spreading some pink gloss on my fluffy lips compensates that. Plus, I put on my pink panties today and that is definitely the best decision I’ve made so far.

On my way to school, trying to hurry and catch the bus. Hm-hm,on my high heels this seems mission impossible right now. Yup, I just missed it. I just saw the gloating face of a very despicable student of mine, a little naughty girl whose only business in class is to put on make up, or put polish on her nails.

20 min. till the next bus comes. I’d better walk then. Yeah, that’s the right thing to do.

I passed the baker’s, inhaling the smell of fresh croissants and steaming coffee; then had a jealous glance at the tiny skirt I already tried on twice and all of my attempts to fit my mountains of flesh inside the scarce piece of cloth turned out a fiasco; then turned round the corner and stopped.Suddenly.Unexpectedly.Stop.Stop.Stop.

Yes, that is what I needed to do a long time ago. Get the courage to enter this sex shop I always pass by on my way to school(whenever I’m unlucky,or lucky to miss the bus,of course).The woman who sells sex toys there looks somewhat strange in her black Gothic outfit and the only thing she needs right now is a whip, I think.

My eyes caught a row of B.O.B.’s (battery operated boys) arranged in a line, as soldiers from the army of salvation. Yeah, such a soldier could be my salvation.

Short, tall ,black,white,fat,slim,lots of variety for every taste. But they are all made in China…Hey, something really caught my attention. A tall, slim, pink Chinese soldier proudly presented its service-it was the most expensive in the shop because it had extra functions and vibrating pearls, implemented in the shaft.


My B.O.B. still lives with me. We have never quarrelled so far. First of all,he doesn’t snore when he sleeps next  to me. Never grumbles and complains about my cooking abilities. Never forgets to flush the toilet after use. Never spills toothpaste in the sink. Never leaves his stinky socks in the all the corners.He is always tender and such a professional. And the best thing is that I have his unconditional love forever.As long as I don’t forget to change the batteries,of course….

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